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UVM-1 ™

The UVM-1™ is a UV microscope that also can image in the visible and NIR. This UV-visible-NIR microscope embodies both advanced optics for cutting edge UV, color and NIR imaging and visualization. The system is a flexible design, very easy to use and very durable. It is designed with cutting edge CRAIC optics for the highest image quality and to give years of service.

The UVM-1™ UV microscope can image in transmission, reflectance, polarization and even in fluorescence from the UV, visible, and NIR regions with high spatial resolution…all with the same microscope and without swapping components.

Key Features

  • Deep UV microscopy
  • Visible range microscopy
  • NIR microscopy…all with the same instrument !
  • Ultraviolet-visible-NIR imaging in one shot. And without changing optics!
  • Raman spectroscopy of microscopic samples.
  • Transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, and polarization imaging of microscopic samples…all with the same instrument
  • True high resolution digital imaging and direct visualization through eyepieces
  • Easy to use and maintain

More capabilities

More capabilities…

  • Raman spectroscopy of microscopic samples.
  • Hardware including automation and specialized analysis packages
  • Software including specialized data analysis, databasing and imaging.Mouse tongue at 280 nm after exposure to radiation


  • Cellular structure analysis
  • Protein Crystals
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • Plankton microspectroscopy
  • Tissue analysis
  • in vivo microspectroscopy
  • in vitro microspectroscopy
  • Kinetics spectroscopy
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Drug Development



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