Temperature probes - Fiso

The fiber optic temperature probes developed and manufactured by FISO have been used for years in various applications, ranging from medical (with temperature probes in FDA approved devices) to process control and high-power transformer. Our fiber optic temperature sensors are installed in various sectors where immunity to MW or RF interferences, accuracy and small size are required.

 With different designs and configurations, our products present the following characteristics:

High-temperature: 300 °C
Miniature size and very low thermal mass
Fast response time (<1 millisecond)
High accuracy (better than 0.3 °C)

Range: -40°C to +250°C
Response time: <1.5 sec
Resolution: 0.1°C

Range: -40°C to +85°C
Response time: 750msec
Accuracy: <0.5°C

TPT-62 For electrical applications
Rugged PTFE external jacket
Designed for dielectric oil immersion
EMI/RFI immune





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