Spectrum Analyser WaveScan USB - APE


The waveScan USB is an easy to use, high resolution device for spectral analysis of CW and mode-locked laser systems. The waveScan USB MIR extends the range of the waveScan USB family of laser spectrometers towards longer wavelengths.

The MIR version offers measurements in the wavelength range of 1.5 … 6.3 μm with a resolution of better than 3 nm. It offers fast measurements in the wavelength range beyond the capability of silicon or InGaAs based line detectors with high resolution. The waveScan USB MIR is also an ideal alignment tool because of its high scan rate of about 6 Hz, which is achieved by using highly precise rotational movement only.

Equipped with a Software Interface (using TCP/IP) it can also easily be integrated into larger experimental setups and software controlled environments.

Wavelength ranges

500 … 1100 nm (VIS)
800 … 1600 nm (IR)
500 … 1600 nm (VIS/IR)
1000 … 2600 nm (Extended IR)
350 … 1100 nm (Blue)
350 … 800 nm (Blue HR)
350 … 1000 nm (Blue HR2)
250 … 1100 nm (UV)
200 … 1050 nm (UV2)

Optical bandpass < 0.2 nm
< 0.1 nm for Blue HR version
< 0.13 nm for Blue HR2 version
< 0.5 nm for Extended IR version
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.2 nm (± 0.1 nm for Blue HR version; ± 0.13 nm for Blue HR2 version)
Scan rate approx. 6 Hz
Laser repetition rate > 4 MHz (real time measurements)
> 1 kHz (accumulation mode)




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