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rIQ™ is designed to measure and quantify the refractive index of microscopic fragments of glass. rIQ™ stands for Refractive Index Quantification and is built based upon the thermo-optical methodology defined by ASTM E1967. As such, it is an automated system which measures the refractive index of microscopic glass fragments by monitoring the change in refractive index of calibrated oils as they are heated and cooled.

rIQ™: the smart choice for measuring the refractive index of glass.

Key Features

  • Automatic measurement of refractive index per ASTM and SWGMAT standards
  • Sophisticated algorithms for high precision glass refractive index measurement
  • Exceeds ASTM requirements for long term stability and reproducibility
  • Up to 20 measurement probes
  • Video recording of measurement procedure
  • When added to CRAIC microspectrometers, transmission, fluorescence and color spectra of glass fragments can also be measured.
  • Simple system calibration with glass standard reference materials
  • Long term system and environmental conditions are monitored and stored.
  • Precision temperature control
  • Automatic statistical analysis
  • Data is stored in database and includes refractive index data, sample identification and description, environmental conditions and more.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offered as a turnkey standalone package, as an add-on package to CRAIC microspectrophotometers and as an upgrade to older RI measurement systems already in the field.
  • Easy to use and maintain


Precision and quality

rIQ™ is an automated system that uses the thermal immersion method, as defined by the standard ASTM E1967-98, for glass refractive index measurement. The system, which incorporates many years of experience with the analysis of glass, allows the user to analyze the refractive index of multiple glass fragments simultaneously and with sophisticated analytical techniques.

Depending upon your requirements, the hardware includes high resolution digital imaging, precision thermal control, a phase contrast microscope and the controlling electronics.

Glass fragment viewed with rIQ™


Sophisticated algorithms

rIQ™ software is designed to be intuitive yet also incorporates powerful algorithms to determine the refractive index of glass with the highest precision. The rIQ™ system also features environmental monitoring, including ambient temperature and control, as well as advanced databasing and statistical analysis capabilities. Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, it is also flexible and offers many additional capabilities such as the ability to customize reports.

rIQ™ Software



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