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AvaLight-XE Pulsed Xenon

Perfect for ultraviolet applications like fluorescence, the AvaLight-XE is a pulsed xenon light source. When connected to your AvaSpec spectrometer through the IC-DB26-2 cable (sold separately), the flashes are synchronized with the data collected by the spectrometer. In AvaSoft the number of flashes per scan can be selected.

With a special DUV bulb the AvaLight-XE can be used for deep ultraviolet application (below 200 nm). A special direct-attach cuvette holder is available for your fluorescence applications.  For transmission measurements, the Avalight-XE can be used in conjunction with the CUV-ATT-DA which has an iris attenuator to limit the light output and to avoid saturation.

* Pulsed light source
* Perfect for fluorescence
* Cuvette holder available
* Long lifetime

Spectral output of the AvaLight-XE

AvaLight-XE pag 94

Spectral Output 200 nm to 1000 nm
Total Optical Power output 39 µJ per pulse (average 66 mW)
Optical Power in 200 µm fiber 0.66 µJ per pulse (average 20 µW)
Optical Power in 600 µm fiber 3.2 µJ per pulse (average 320 µW)
Optical Power in 1000 µm fiber 7.4 µJ per pulse (average 744 µW)
Synchronization Input 15 pin sub-D connector, TTL level
Pulse Duration 5 µs (at 1/3 height)
Pulse delay 6 µs
Pulse rate (max.) 100 Hz
Bulb Life min. 109 pulses


SMA-905 connector
Power requirement 12 VDC/550 mA
Dimensions, weight 175 x 110 x 44 mm, 540 grams




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