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UPRtek MK350S advanced spectrometer is a handheld measuring instrument for calculating the absolute or relative irradiance of many different light sources. It can do photometric measurements (in milliwatt per square metre, illuminance…), color parameters (including X, Y, Z , u’, v’, C.I.E chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index (Ra / R1~R15), TM-30-15, color quality scale, and the television lighting consistency index ), and features such as dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, and scotopic-to-photopic ratio, develops and produces industrial applications for commercial lighting, architecture lighting design, green house light penetration and color analyses.
•Give a unique function and highlight the differentiated to meet consumer demand.

  1. More than 46 light unit-of-measures to choose from.
  2. Illumination distribution charts provide assistance in fixture design.
  3. Features allow for fast quality management of lighting product production.
  4. On-the-spot data comparison features.
  5. Maximum and minimum acceptable ranges for product quality improvement and product design quality evaluation.
  6. Optical transmittance applications.
  7. Light penetration and grow lights lexplained.


Sensor CMOS Linear Image Sensor
Spectral Bandwidth Approximately 12 nm(half bandwidth)
Receptor Size Ø 6.6 ± 0.1 mm
Cosine Correction refer Figure 1.
Measurement Range 20 ~ 70000 Lux
Wavelength Range 380 ~ 780 nm
Integration Time Range 6 ~ 5000 ms
Capture Function One time / Continuous
Integration Mode Auto / Manual
Measuring Modes 1. Basic Value Mode
2. Spectrum Graph Mode
3. CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram Mode
4. CIE 1976 U.C.S Chromaticity Diagram Mode
5. Coloe Rendering Index Mode
6. Lux Image Distribution Mode
7. Measuremenr Log Mode
8. CCT BIN Chart Mode
9. Quality Control Checker Mode
10. Measurement Comparison Mode
11. Data Browser Mode
Measuring Capabilities 1. CCT
2. Lux / Foot Candle
3. CRI Ra / R1~R15
4. Spectral Irradiance
5. C.I.E Chromaticity Coordinates
    (1) CIE 1931 x,y Coordinates
    (2) CIE 1976 U.C.S u’,v’ Coordinates
6. Peak Wavelength/Dominant Wavelength
7. △x,△y,△u’,△v’
8. duv, Purity
9. PPF(400nm~700nm)/μmol m-2 s-1, PPF-UV(380~399nm), PPF-B(400~499nm), PPF-G(500~599nm), PPF-R(600~699nm), PPF-NIR(700~780nm)
10. BIN
11. SDCM (MacAdam ellipses)
Digital Resolution 16 bits
Dark Calibration Yes
Stray Light -25 dB max.
( Input the 550nm monochromatic light and measure the stray light ratio at 550nm ± 40nm. )
Wavelength Data Increment 1 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 1 nm
( Input source must be a stable light source. )
Illuminance Accuracy Illuminant A @ 2856K at 20000 Lux ± 5%
Color Accuracy ± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y
Color Repeatability ± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y
CCT Accuracy ± 2%
CRI Accuracy @ Ra ± 1.5%
Traceability Report NIST Traceability Available
Display 4.3″ LCD 800X480 Touch Panel
Camera Resolution 2M pixels
Max. Files ≧ 2,000 Files from 2GB SD Card
Battery Operation Time ≦ 4 hours / Fully Charged
Battery 2500 mAh / Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Data Output Interface SD Card / USB 2.0
*WiFi via Wifi SD Card
Data Format Compatible MicroSoft Office Excel / JPG Data Format
Dimensions 163 x 81 x 25.8 mm ( H x W x D )
Weight ( with Battery ) 250 g ± 5 g
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ 35 °C
Storage Temperature Range -10 ~ 40 °C
Language Selection English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese/ German / French / Russian / Spanish / Italian
PC Software Available by Standard uSpectrum Software


• Enhanced screen resolution improvements from predecessor models
• More than 46 light unit-of-measures to choose from
• Standalone LED meter – no other equipment necessary (e.g. PC, Smartphone etc.)
• Illumination distribution charts provide assistance in fixture design
• “BIN” ranking features allow for fast CIE 1931 inspection and confirmation of LED quality
• Visual aim’n click scope (on-screen viewport) – no more blind measurements
• Automatic continuous measurements with data-save to a SD card
• Easy, on-the-spot data comparison features – comparing 2 LEDs, or comparing against historical data
• Maximum and minimum acceptable ranges for validating LED quality
• Built-in file browser allows users to instantly read data in saved files









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