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The CRAIC MP-2™ Microscope Photometer is designed to add photometry and imaging to your optical microscope. Actually, the CRAIC MP-2™ is better described as a microscope radiometer in that it has a spectral range from the deep UV to the near infrared. It is limited only by the microscope itself.

The CRAIC MP-2™ microphotometer attaches to your microscope and enables you to collect transmission, reflectance or even fluorescence and luminescence photometric data of microscopic samples. The solid state detectors have dynamic ranges and sensitivities greater than PMTs or imaging systems. With complete software control, either broad- or narrow-band photometric intensity measurements can be made. Additionally, with the use of CRAIC reference materials, precise photometric intensities can be recorded relative to the reference material. With the CRAIC MP-2™ microphotometer, high quality photometry of even sub-micron samples can be done quickly, non-destructively and easily.

Key Features

  • Sensitive detector for low noise and long term stability
  • Total spectral range from deep UV to NIR with the specific range selected by the user
  • Rapid radiometric measurement capabilities
  • High dynamic range & high sensitivity
  • High spatial resolution & stray light resistance
  • Variable measurement areas down to sub-micron
  • Also incorporates high resolution digital imaging…up to 6 megapixels

More capabilities

More capabilities…

  • Traceable spectroscopy standards designed for microspectrophotometers
  • Manual or fully automated operation
  • Precision temperature control of samples
  • Specialized software including statistical analysis, spectral databasing, image analysis and more

Spectral Surface Mapping

Spectral Surface Mapping™

Combines hardware and software for automated spectral analysis and 3D mapping of samples with microscopic spatial resolution. 3D maps of the absorbance, transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, emission and Raman spectra of samples may be generated.

Spectral Surface Mapping™


  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Cytophotometry
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Cytofluorimetry
  • Intracellular calcium measurements
  • DNA analysis
  • Thickness measurements
  • Ion and pH measurements
  • Mineralogy
  • Densitometry
  • Vitrinite reflectance
  • Photoreceptor analysis
  • Gemology


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