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CRAIC Elixir™

CRAIC Elixir™ is the multifunctional, yet cost effective solution for trace evidence analysis from CRAIC Technologies. This full-featured yet flexibly configured instrument offers the following capabilities:

  • Microspectroscopy
  • Raman microspectroscopy
  • Glass refractive index measurements
  • High resolution color imaging
  • Polarization imaging and microspectroscopy
  • Fluorescence imaging and microspectroscopy

CRAIC Elixir™ incorporates superior optics, the highest quality spectrophotometers, high resolution digital imaging, and cutting edge software…all tied together with our Lightswitch by CRAIC™ optical multiplexer. With our Lightswitch by CRAIC™ proprietary technology, CRAIC Elixir™ retains the ease-of-use for which CRAIC instruments are known, while being capable of everything from UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy, high resolution microscopic imaging, refractive index measurements and more.

With an attractive price-entry point, the CRAIC Elixir™ microspectrophotometer utilizes tested technologies to allow you to measure transmission, Raman, reflectance, polarization and fluorescence spectra of microscopic sample areas. And while microspectra™ are being acquired, the sample may be simultaneously imaged with a high-resolution color digital imaging system or through eyepieces. Additional features may also include measuring the refractive index of glass fragments as well as microcolorimetry.

The CRAIC Elixir™ is built to yield superior quality images and spectra by many different methods all for an attractive price.

Key Features

  • Transmission microspectroscopy
  • Reflectance microspectroscopy
  • Fluorescence microspectroscopy
  • Polarization microspectroscopy
  • Raman microspectroscopy
  • Sub-micron spectroscopy with permanently calibrated, variable apertures.
  • Sophisticated spectral analysis software
  • NIST Traceable Spectroscopy Standards
  • High resolution color imaging
  • High-resolution fluorescence imaging
  • High resolution polarization imaging
  • Sophisticated image analysis software
  • Superior images both with eyepieces and digital imaging
  • Easy to use and maintain


From the leader in microspectroscopy…

A fully integrated microspectroscopy unit that features simultaneous and direct imaging of both the sampling aperture and the sample making for fast, accurate measurements of your trace evidence. The 308 PV™ microscope spectrophotometer gives you the ability to measure transmission, reflectance, polarization and fluorescence spectra of even sub-micron samples while also featuring high resolution color imaging.

CRAIC Technologies is also the only recognized source for NIST traceable microspectrophotometer standards.

Absorbance Spectrum of Blue Fiber with CRAIC Elixir™

Raman Microspectroscopy

Flexible Raman microspectroscopy…

Featuring the CRAIC Apollo™ Raman spectrometer modules allowing for Raman, resonance Raman and other types of measurements of microscopic samples. Modules include lasers, Raman spectrometers and the interface optics that allow you to collect high quality Raman spectra of your trace evidence.

Raman spectrum of Ibuprofen with CRAIC Apollo™

Glass Refractive Index

Sophisticated glass refractive index measurements…

CRAIC Elixir™ is offered with rIQ™, the intelligent solution for the measurement of the refactive index of glass. This advanced system offers automated measurements of the glass refractive index from multiple fragments simultaneously.

Glass refractive index measurement by rIQ™

Imaging & Microscopy

Superior imaging quality…

CRAIC Elixir™ is offered with the high quality microscope optics and digital imaging. Combined with our sophisticated imaging software, you have the ability for both real time and image capture of samples by transmssion, reflectance, polarization and fluorescence microscopy quickly and easily.

Red Textile Fiber with CRAIC Elixir™


Sensitive fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging…

CRAIC Elixir™ can be configured to acquire the fluorescence spectra and images of even the smallest trace evidence samples. With multiple excitation wavelengths and sensitve detectors, the CRAIC Elixir™ makes fluorescence imaging and microspectroscopy simple, easy and accurate.

Fluorescence Fiber Image with CRAIC Elixir™


Imaging and spectroscopy of multiple polarization states…

CRAIC Elixir™ can be configured to acquire the polarization spectra and images of even the smallest trace evidence samples. The spectra and images of birefringent samples can be acquired quickly and easily with this sophisticated system.

Polarization spectra of a blue dichroic fiber with CRAIC Elixir™


  • Trace Evidence including fibers, paints, glass and more.
  • Forensic Drug Chemistry
  • Explosives
  • Questioned Documents


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