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AvaSpec Mini


Looking for a very small spectrometer with a resolution of up to 0.1 nm? Then the new generation AvaSpec-Mini is an ideal choice. It’s only the size of a deck of cards, yet delivers stray-light levels lower than 0.17% and weighs only 174 grams. Easy to take anywhere you like.

The AvaSpec-Mini finds its way into many areas of research, such as light analysis, chemical research and Raman spectroscopy. Or use it as a tiny OEM-spectrometer in your application. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, the AvaSpec-Mini works seamlessly with Avantes spectroscopy software.

  AvaSpec-Mini 2048 AvaSpec-Mini 2048L
AvaSpec-Mini 3648
Optical Bench

Symmetrical Czerny-Turner,
75 mm focal length

Wavelength range 220-1100 nm 
Resolution 0.10 nm – 10.80 nm 


Sensitivity  Similar to ULS2048 (no DCL) Similar to ULS2048L (no DCL) Similar to ULS3648 (no DCL)
Detector Sony CCD linear array,
2048 pixels
Sony CCD linear array, 
2048 Large pixels
Toshiba CCD linear array,
3648 pixels
Signal/Noise 200:1  300:1 350:1
AD converter 16 bit, 2 MHz
Integration time 1.05ms – 10 minutes 10µs – 10 minutes
Interface USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) / RS-232 (115200 bps)
Sample Speed with
on-board averaging
3.0 ms/scan 7.4 ms/scan
Data transfer speed 4.6 ms /scan 7.4 ms /scan
I/O 6 bidirectional programmable I/O; 2 analog out; 2 analog in
Power supply Default USB power, 250 mA; external 5-15 Vdc (RS232)
Dimensions, weight 95 x 68 x 20 mm, 174 gramsAvaSpec_Mini5
Temperature range 0-550C




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