Avaspec Starline - Avantes


Absolute flexibility in the set-up of your spectrometer at affordable prices: that is the StarLine in a nutshell. Select the slit, grating and detector that fits your application best and the perfect spectrometer is made especially for you.

Or discuss your wishes with our team of application sales engineers, to find the setup needed for your application. The possibilities are virtually endless!

AvaSpec-ULS3648 - High-resolution Spectrometer

When you’re looking for high-resolution, then take a look at the AvaSpec-ULS3648. Featuring an electronic shutter, it can support integration times as short as 10 microseconds, making it also ideal for CW laser measurement

AvaSpec-ULS2048 - Versatile Fiber-optic Spectrometer

Used in many applications in the UV/VIS-range, it is particularly useful in time-critical situations thanks to its exceptional response speed. Priced affordably, the AvaSpec-ULS2048 is the choice of many of our most demanding customers.

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