LED & Display measurements

Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems develops and produces high-quality optical test and measurement instruments for a broad spectrum of applications. The extensive product range includes spectrometers, imaging photometers and colorimeters, goniophotometers, integrating spheres, and turnkey system solutions. Their Optronik Division based in Berlin has additionally specialized in light-measurement systems for the automotive and traffic industry. Instrument Systems is dedicated to working with standardization committees and associations such as DIN and CIE. They also cooperate with leading national calibration laboratories. As a subsidiary company of Konica Minolta they have access to resources over the long term and to a global network – their mission is your solution, anytime and anywhere!


The measurement of LEDs presents unique application requirements for which Avantes has the appropriate instrumentation and applications experience to assist our customers in configuring a system. Avantes’ many years of working with LED application has prompted us to develop a variety of system configurations that meets most LED metrology requirements. Light Emitting Diodes can be measured in a wide variety of colors and brightness. Accurate measurement of the LEDs therefore is essential. This can be done in two ways: photometry and radiometry.

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